Thursday, January 21, 2021


I was fortunate to be gifted a Welsh DBA Army as a bonus to some recent purchases I had made from the estate of a recently deceased gamer (amongst many other interests and achievements that I know he had in life).  While I had met him once or twice, I didn't really know him, but through some of his friends who I do know, I am very happy to have some of his figures in my collection.

While I like DBA, I haven't played for years and don't see myself playing again when I can play Basic Impetus to much the same effect.  The figures were based on thin cardboard that had badly warped and so they needed rebasing and that was what I did.  Very happy how they have come up and looking forward to using them in Tony's memory.  They will be joining other Dark Age troops that I have, but haven't quiet got around to organising yet.

All I've done is rebase them
and pose them around this lovely bit of terrain.