Friday, January 22, 2021

2nd Punic War Carthaginians versus Spanish Imperials

There are a few centuries between these armies and it shows.

I was the attacker, but didn't contribute to any of the terrain placement.  There is an impassable lake/swamp (that can be shot over - handy for those with artillery and muskets) and a wood. Oh, and a convenient table edge to snuggle up to.

Seeing how the enemy had deployed I tried for something different - an on table redeployment, to be achieved by marching up the right flank.  I knew it was going to be a challenge as there is no "face to the left" command.

Well, my deployment avoided the enemy artillery.
Their left flank is pinned on the table edge.

Into the woods!
At least I was advancing.

Turns out my skirmishers can't hurt the artillery,
either by fire or close combat :-(

Wood captured!

Both sides are redeploying.
It's not easy.

I get bold with the Numidians.

Well, the Numidians successfully charged home.
But they were devastated by one hit and a subsequent 6 for the Cohesion Test.
After that the artillery and musketry blew them away.

The Libyan skirmishers screen the deployment of the main force.
The Spanish skirmishers will be sent to deal with the musketeers threatening the left flank.

The Imperialist light cavalry tries to drive off the Libyan skirmishers,
Libyan spearmen get blasted and the chase is on to catch those musketeers.
(Whoops, my photoshopping missed a bit of table clutter)

It is taking forever to get the main body up.
At least it is now screened by the enemy cavalry.
The general with the Carthaginian cavalry turns round to go to the left flank.

Enemy light cavalry driven off (well they actually just retired).
Surely we will get into action soon?

Not yet...

The Carthaginians are slowly damaging the Imperialists, but sadly taking more losses.

The next turn saw further bloodshed, with the Carthaginians just not able to break any Imperialist units, while losing plenty themselves.  

The presence of the enemy light cavalry thwarted the charge of the Gauls, not that fighting pikes isn't hard enough.  The ability of stacked musketeers and artillery to interpenetrate each other and still fire can be deadly, even though in this game their aim was off.  However, mustn't complain about the rules, they are the Basic ones after all.  If I want more realism it means moving to Impetus Second Edition and that can be a stress to play on a Wednesday night.  However, once this league competition is finished I will give it a go.

On thing I do dislike is playing up against the table edge (which tends to be where all the clutter is).  It is artificial and worse, makes taking photos difficult.


  1. An excellent posting of a difficult game.

    And a "difficult" opponent too. I hate dodgy table edge deployments.

    So, for you the League is over?

    1. Thanks.

      No, this was just a friendly!

      Dave faces Richard.

      I face Brendan and our game is scheduled for next week. His heart is not in it which probably means he will win LOL.