Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine Tanks Disguised as Chocolates

Just like a box of chocolates?
Talk about camouflage, 
but perhaps not ideal for desert conditions.

I bought a box of five Valentine tanks by Plastic Soldier Company, only to find there were so many spare parts I could create an extra five tanks, to make ten in total.  These are for a Rommel scenario take takes my fancy and I've decided to do a better job of matching kit to game.  I had hoped to have them finished for Valentine's Day, but this is as far as I got.

 The main part that needed fabrication was the lower hull.  
I settled on creating them out of balsa
 and was presently surprised how well they turned out 
(both in terms of ease of construction and final look and feel).

 The shield over the exhaust I could have left off,
 but I crafted them out of sheet aluminum.

 The two tool boxes are from plastic, 
except the top for the front one wass cast using modelling plaster.

 And now they are all base coated ready for their final paint job.


  1. Very clever! Maybe the spare parts were to make destroyed versions. :)

    1. There were parts for three different turret configurations, plus hull top with or without skirts, and two different track/wheel combinations. Really quite wonderful kits.

  2. Nice conversions and building, tanks came out looking great. 😀

    1. Thanks. Fingers crossed they can only look better when they get their coat of camouflage paint (they are going to be desert sand) and a bit of weathering.

  3. Chocolate Valentines. Did you mean 'ideal for dessert conditions'...?