Friday, January 18, 2019

Two Kills

It's been a while, but last night I proved I had not lost any of my dazzling WOG skills.

My plane is the red and white tipped Phoenix.
Stephen B is in the Bumble Bee,
while Stephen N has one of the British Fighters,
Simon the other one.

 I get caught in a crossfire.
Both sides had been diving and climbing,
but I had just climbed back into the British sights.

 Lots of lead headed my way,
but I'm more worried about his propellers chopping up my wings!

 I get away, but I'm on fire.

 But I do not run away!

 First kill.
Took out Simon with one very lucky shot.
Till then he only had one point of damage.

 Then I line up on Stephen N's plane.
I'd already done some previous damage,
could I do any more?

There might have only been four hits on the remaining British plane, but they all hurt.
My plane had taken ten hits, four from the fire, but I was still flying.
The Bumblebee had hardly a scratch.

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