Tuesday, January 22, 2019

France 1938 - War

Session Five

It seems we are playing the game in "historical mode".  Not sure what this will mean as we prepare for the Munich Conference.

Our navies put to sea and I courageously put French submarines in the Baltic, as well as along the Atlantic Coast and English Channel and throughout the Mediterranean.  Troops are also rushed to the frontier with Germany in a show of strength that will hopefully persuade them that we mean business.

September 1938 and Hungry renounces the Treaty of Trianon.  Not a good sign.

At the Munich Conference, England refuses to back down - no Sudetenland for Germany!

The Sudeten Crisis ensues.  It is time to make a stand.

Oh dear, Germany declares war on Czechoslovakia.  France gets a call to arms form the UK and we are at war.

I'm surprised by a sortie by the German navy and lose my subs in the Baltic and in the Eastern North Sea.  The British fleet sails to attack.

Czechoslovakia surrenders on 27 September.  Our invasion of Germany captured two areas of their Westwall.  A major naval battle develops in the Eastern North Sea.

We desperately start research improved fighting capabilities.

Good news is that we are stopping a lot of the German convoys in the Bay of Biscay.

9 October we call off our offensive.  The experience has given France the ability to perform a modest redesign of the French armoured division and we can now add some motorised infantry to what otherwise was a pure tank force.

The British fleet is in trouble extracting itself from the Eastern North Sea.  This naval battle is still continuing in late October.

Italian volunteers are spotted on the Western Front.

We research encryption and decryption.  Success continues against German convoys in the Bay of Biscay and off the Iberian Coast.

German claims Memel.  We start building alpine forts.

25 November Germany declares war on Luxembourg and calls on Italy as its ally.  We rush troops into Luxembourg just in time to save it.  Germany os now looking at Belgium, but its war declaration will take time.  We desperately need to extend the Maginot Line, but can't do that until the Alpine Forts are finished.

We advance into Sardinia and start to overrun Italian North Africa.  Numerous naval battles breakout in the Mediterranean.  But it is the mass assaults on the Italian border that are the immediate concern - the Alpine Forts are not yet complete...

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