Saturday, January 19, 2019

France 1937

Session Three

France joins the Allies!

National Focus is now Defensive,  permission has been given to the UK to position troops in France and there is now a good contingent of Commonwealth divisions on the Belgium border.

Research continues on improved construction which will help with fort construction (also a National Focus).

Japan declares war on China which raises world tension to 12%.

A good development is that we are now starting to research the 1936 Fighter.  Better still is that the strikes are over.

Research starts on Radio Detection as the first new division is deployed (to training command).

National Focus is trying to strengthen Government (the poor standing means we are unable to do diplomacy effectively or improve things by bringing talent into the Government).

Research is now starting on air doctrines.

With the improvement in production, training is now restarted to get some army experience.  The experience gained allows regular divisions to be upgraded to include engineer companies (but this has a bad impact on equipment and so was a valuable lesson in the need to build up stockpiles of kit).

Then we decided to focus on a Nuclear Effort.  Why not???  (Well, the reason is that it will open up another research slot).

Italy announces a claim on Yugoslavia.  We start building forts on the Italian border (and Luxembourg border).

Session Four

It is now 1938.

Yugoslavia asks for our help (and the UK's) in building up their airforce.  We agree.

Research starts on Computing Machines (some new fangled gizmo, can't see much demand for such things, but the scientists say they need them).

That Mr Hitler announces Anschluss!  That's against the Versailles Treaty.  Not happy.

The Indian National Congress win the elections.

It is announced that France is pursuing Nuclear technology.

With our increased research capability we start researching dive bombing, radar and Battlefleet Concentration.

National Focus is now Levee en Masse and that will improve our production of infantry equipment (much needed as many of our troops still don't have their full complement of weapons).

More Infantry Divisions are being created, but we have only made four so far, however we are now training three at a time.

Yugoslavia holds a fighter plane competition and we win.  A great demonstration of the skill of French industry and design.  We make a sale thereby showing our commitment to the free world.

The Spanish Civil War ends with the Treaty of Barcelona.  We now have fascists on three borders.

The Focus is now on Grand Battery, but for some reason, our Political Power, which had long been zero, is now going negative.

The Fourth International occurs.  Will there be any more?

Hitler demands the Sudetenland.  Do we go to war for Czechoslovakia?

That will be the question to be answered in our next session.

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