Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Konstantinian Byzantines versus Sicilian Arabs

Today I had a game with Mark Woods in which my superior dice rolling skills prevailed.  Nice to have an historical match up.

 I had the advantage with deployment.

 Turn 1 and I advance aggressively with my right.

 Turn 2 and luckily I realised there was a problem with my camera settings.  Doh!
Conflict starts on the right and I immediately get off to a good start.

 Turn 3 and the Arab left flank has been wiped out.

 Turn 4 and a minor set back occurred with my Tagmatic cavalry being pushed back.

 Turn 5 and now all the Arab cavalry has been dispersed.

By Turn 6 it was all over as the Varangians and my general with the Thematic cavalry deliver the coup de grace.