Thursday, August 9, 2018

Vikings versus 100 Years War English Again

After last week's fun game we played again.  This time I tried using the Viking Huscarls and Hird in large units.

For something different here is the game in a single image: 
Just look at those Vikings evaporate!

The more traditional AAR with commentary now follows.

 Vikings deployed with a skirmish screen.
The English have deployed with a longbow screen.

 Turn 1 and there is no movement by the English.
The Vikings advance.

 Turn 2 is a repeat of Turn 1.

 Turn 3 and English arrows disperse half the skirmish screen 
and decimate one of the Irish javelin units.

 Turn 4 somehow didn't see any further damage from English archery.

 Turn 5 and the Viking Raiders wipe out some English skirmishers.

 Then I pulled out the Ace in the Hole and declared Decisive Initiative.
This time I got my way.

 Turn 6 and the Viking charge was less than devastating.

 Turn 7 and the Viking line is thinning.

 Turn 8 and the Viking line is just holding.
The berserkers have attacked, but without success.
The raiders have been lost.

 Turn 9 and things are looking very serious.

 Turn 10 and it's all over.

The Vikings just couldn't inflict damage.  They stayed around for a good while due to a number of Cohesion Tests that I skillfully passed by rolling ones.  Also we both had promising attacks that caused no hits.  At least my general survived.

Some of these guys are destined to become Varangians in my Byzantine army.


  1. I was about to say... The whole army can probably also stand in for Rus - for a time an historical enemy of Byzantium.

    1. I'm going to be running Vikings in my club's Impetus League. I'm not expecting great things from them, although I might be able to pull a few tricks. I'm not sure the Vikings were a great army for pitched battles, more a raiding force.

  2. Love the stop motion photography Marl. You’re going to need to tell me how you did that mate please.

    1. Thanks. It was a thought I had based on the boardgame I've just finished playing. It is amazingly simple provided you take the photos from the same spot. Using a tripod would be best, but I was just aligning with the table edge. Then go to and they do all the work. I just used the free basic service.