Sunday, August 19, 2018

Seven Pines Some More

Having the purpose made terrain and being a relatively small scenario makes this easy to put on for a club games day..  I've had it now for a few years and a good number of different people have played it.  Yesterday it was the turn of James of the ANF to take command of the Union defences against the onslaught of the Confederates.  Craig was doing his best to channel Longstreet and it looked like he was headed for a disaster for a while...

 After some umming and arring 
the Confederates decided to charge in rather than engage in a firefight.

 Garland's brigade on the right smashed through Palmer achieving a breakthrough 
that allowed the Confederates to avenged the repulse of Rode's brigade.

 End of the 13:00 turn and DH Hill is pushing his boys to victory.

 Garland continues to attack Palmer after routing a Union artillery battery.

 End of 13:30 and the Confederates, despite the arrival of reinforcements 
are repulsed before the Twin House redoubt.

 End of 14:00 and again the Confederates have failed to take the Twin House redoubt.

 But by 15:00 the Union defenders of the Twin House redoubt had broken.
Fighting had commenced for the Crossroads redoubt.

 15:30 and one Confederate brigade has broken as the Union skillfully alternate the defence of their right wing between the remnants of Casey's division and Deven's cavalry brigade.
The Confederates appear bogged down behind a line of abatis 
and any chance of victory is slipping from their grasp.

 16:00 and the Confederates have taken a beating.  
(James had a run of good die rolls).
Both sides have received their last reinforcements.  
Stephen N takes command of Heintzelman's newly arrived Corps.

 16:30 and in possibly the decisive, but erroneous charge, Kemper's brigade has routed the newly arrived Union force.  The Confederate had formed field column by turning to their right and then charging, but the rules say charge target must start within the front 45 degree arc of the charging unit.  Doh!  Who was umpiring this game?  Oh yeah, it was me.  

 RH Anderson directing Kemper's Brigade against Heintzelmann.

 17:00 and the Union are in trouble. 
although the Confederates can just not get the breakthroughs required.

 17:30 Jenkins, the one remaining fresh unit for the Confederates has fallen back 
(top left of the picture)

 18:00 and end of the game.

 The Confederates might have taken the Crossroads redoubt, but their brigade was spent, so they don't get the VPs for it.  The same goes for the Williamsburg Road.

The Union are left with one worn brigade (Peck seen above) 
and one spent brigade (Develin's cavalry seen in previous picture).  

The Union had six brigades "quit the field" and two batteries wrecked.  The Confederates had at least four spent brigades with the rest worn.

As always an excellent little scenario, but I think it is time to look for something different.


  1. It’s pretty cool that you have this scenario all set up and ready to go for whenever. I’ve yet to try out BFF. I do have the Version 2 rules but I always end up playing the regimental version.

    1. The plan is to play some regiment FnF, but I just like being able to do "big battles" and so prefer the brigade level Getting terrain right is always a challenge. IIRC regimental FnF gives a bonus for different fence types. Making some of those lovely snake rail fences has been on my to do list for a long time.