Sunday, August 12, 2018


A bit of history here with some models that are about to depart for foreign shores.  They are all around 1/76th scale.

 Plastic Nebelwerfer, unknown brand.  (#139)

 T70, from the Skytrex/Hinchcliffe 20mm WW2 range (#156)

 BA64 again from the Skytrex/Hinchcliffe 20mm WW2 range (#148)

 Three Schwerer Whermachtsschlepper from Roco Minitanks code DB6M (could be DBGM).  
They have drop down sides, but don't have whatever it was they were mounting.  
I had thoughts of using them in some kind of Nebelwerfer unit, 
but never progressed beyond thinking about it in twenty years.

An early 1990s visit to Brockhurst Models in California
 resulted in random purchases of all sorts of things.  
Sadly never even opened.
RAFM 6859 RSO German Tracked Truck.

Same visit picked up this with the same outcome.
RAFM 6860 75mm IG18 German Infantry Gun.

Skytrex/Hinchcliffe 20mm WW2 range purchased mail order with living memory.  20/43 is a limber and I was disappointed when I realised I had no suitable horses (I had a crazy idea to use the ones from the Airfix French Napoleonic Artillery set, but they would have been too small).  20/42 is... I forget.  Along with the T70 and BA64 I think I was just getting samples rather than any specific plan.

Thankfully they are about to find a new home with the Archduke Piccolo.  Bon Voyage and may you serve faithfully.


  1. This posting very nearly got under my radar! Wonderful collection of stuff there - and, yes they will all find a place in my armies. The first three items will help fill some glaring gaps, and one can never have too many transports. Mark: this is more than generous.

    1. It took me forever to come up with a title for this post. Fingers crossed for safe arrival of the gear.

  2. Very nice looking models, love the Nebelwerfer...

    1. Thanks. It is rather delicate. I wish I could remember the manufacturer.