Friday, August 3, 2018

Ukraine 43 - Turns 4 to 5

Today Richard and I continued the game.

 Zhukov clears the Axis forces away from Kharkov, however he plans a lengthy siege.

 End of Turn 4.
The Grossdeutschland Division arrived just in time to restore the Axis line.

 Turn 5 and the fighting for the southern cities is proving hard.

While in the North the Axis have pulled back, 
but will the Soviets be able to maintain their momentum?


  1. How are losses stacking up (if any)?

  2. The Soviets are a bit behind the historical rate of VPs related to city capture.

    Losses aren't tracked, but the "dead pool" is fairly limited for the Soviets which represents that they are losing slightly less than the replacement rate (which is four steps per turn). The Axis losses seem to be higher, but they also seem to be getting plenty of reinforcements (as distinct from replacements which are used to either build up units on map or bring units back from the dead pool).

    The way the combat system works is that generally retreating avoids losses.