Friday, August 3, 2018

Ukraine 43 - Turns 1 to 3

Yesterday Richard and I started playing GMT's Ukraine '43 again.  I went the Soviet, determined to avenge my previous defeat.  It was interesting to note that this campaign started exactly 75 years ago.

 Turn 1 after I had the Soviet conduct the attacks as per the walk through in the rule book.
This time I did them in the right sequence
 which means an Axis division was surrounded and eliminated.

 Critical attack on Turn 2 against Belgorod.
This was when we through the Soviets had to match the historical VP levels.

 But the breakthrough down south was more promising.

 End of Turn 2

 End of Turn 3 and the Soviets have advanced to Kharkov.
The Axis have abandoned Sumy.

End of Turn 3 in the South and the Axis are in retreat.

In looking at the last time we played (see this post) the Soviets had initial success at Sumy, which I think didn't occur this time as we realised that retreat can stop in a city.  The Soviets have had much greater success in the south in our new game as they avoided initially focussing their attacks on Tagnarog .  Also, much greater success was achieved this time on the approach to Kharkov as the Soviets have been able to trap and eliminate a few Axis divisions.  While only one or two, it makes all the difference to the Axis ability to form a solid line. 

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