Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ukraine 43 - Turns 8 to 9

Another session, another series of Soviet breakthroughs blocked, almost...

 End turn 8 in the north.
The Fifth Guards Tank Army achieved a breakthrough.
Meanwhile a trap is being planned for Poltava.

 In the south the Axis have again pulled back, 
with a few units getting left behind (just south of Stalino).

 Turn 9 
The 5th Guards Tank Army swung south after leaving a big hole in the Axis lines.
Poltava has been surrounded after some desperate fighting.

In the south Axis counterattacks managed to extricate a few units, 
but the Soviet pressure is considered to be overwhelming.

We discussed stopping at this point, but the Soviets are only on the historic level of Victory Points and still have a lot to make up (and the locations - the hexes with a red dot - a fairly scarce and far away).  However Axis losses are such that they might not even be able to cover these in any cohesive pattern.

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