Monday, August 6, 2018

Ukraine 43 - Turns 6 to 7

The offensive continues.

 Stalin wouldn't stand for a siege of Kharkov and ordered an immediate assault.
It was successful.

 In the south attacks continue around Stalino.

 By the end of Turn 6 the Soviet pressure in the south had forced the Axis to pull back.

 While in the north, with Kharkov captured, 
the Axis have used the time to try and strengthen their line.

 End of Turn 7 in the north and the fighting has been particularly bloody.
Axis counterattacks were required to extricate their units and reform a line.

The Axis have continued pulling back in the south, abandoning Stalino.
Again they did a series of counterattacks to free units and try and buy time.


  1. I'm finding this very interesting, though I can tell what's going on in only broad terms. Can to tell us what the numbers mean on the unit counters?

    1. Thanks. It's an excellent game. GMT have the rules available for free. There is a very good writeup of the first turn.

      The numbers are the classic: Attack Strength, Defence Strength, Movement.

      Except the photos are taken at different angles, it would be interesting to make a GIF out of them. Probably could do that if I ever play it using Vassal.

    2. The artillery counters are different and just provide a column shift. The 0-0-6 counters are actually just holders for multiple Soviet units (normally four).

      Most hexes only cost one movement point. If you don't end in an enemy zone of control you can move an extra 2 (or is it 3 hexes?). Armour gives a shift if the enemy don't have it. And if the defence strength is in red that means it is an elite unit that also provides a shift.

      Here is the link to the GMT resources for the game:

  2. I have forgotten, are you playing Ukraine 43 FtF or remotely?
    I would certainly enjoy seeing you tackle MMP's OCS system in your play-by-plays.

    1. FtF. It is my friend's Richard's game.

      If the Operation Mercury game I have from MMP follows their OCS system I will get around to it one day :-)

    2. Operation Mercury is not the same system as OCS. I would enjoy seeing Operatipn Metcury on your table too. My copy lays unpunched.