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WBTS via Vassal - Weeks 29 to 32

1862 has arrived.  Things will change.

The Union carry forward 30 supply to which they can add 175.  There is no town supply.  Total of 205 and 90 personnel points.  That's right, 90!  The Union have issued their second call for volunteers.

The Confederates carry forward 96 supply to which they can add 8 for import supply (the Union blockade of Mobile and Charleston were ineffective) and 60 for major city (the situation at Nashville is denying them 15 supply).  Total of 164 for 50 personnel points (they too call for a second round of volunteers).

The Union augment small divisions in each of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington and Alton to 10-3s.  They convert 6 militia from each of Baltimore and Philadelphia to four 3-3s and convert 7 garrison from Baltimore to a 4-3 and a 3-3.  They raise a 2 strength cavalry division, a Supply Train, a River Transport and 21 militia.  They are left with 39 supply.

Not to be out done the Confederates augment small divisions in each of Charleston, Memphis, Little Rock and Mobile to 10-3s.  They convert militia from Memphis and Mobile to two 4-3s and one 3-3. The also convert 3 garrison to a 3-3.  They build a wagon train and a 2-4 cavalry division plus 6 militia.  This leaves them with 70 supply.

The Union deploy a supply train in St Louis, a Naval Flotilla in C3901, a 2 strength cavalry unit in Washington, 4 strength infantry divisions in Baltimore, Cincinnati and Philadelphia, and 10 strength infantry divisions in St Louis, Washington, Alton, Evansville and Baltimore.

The Confederates deploy a supply train, 5 strength cavalry division and a 10 strength infantry division to Memphis (reinforcements for Jackson).  A 10-3 goes to each of Richmond and Raleigh, while a 5-3 goes to Mobile and 4-3 to Charleston. The ironclad in New Orleans is still undergoing fitout, the contractor assures the Confederate Government that it will be completed next month (thanks to rule [26.11]).

The Confederates encourage partisans in Missouri.  They destroy the fort protecting Mobile Bay as it has become untenable.

The Confederates relocate the Department of the Gulf from Mobile to New Orleans.  They also create four new Corps HQs.  Bruckner and Bragg are promoted to Corps commanders in Charleston and Richmond respectively.  Spare Corps HQs go to Memphis and Richmond.

Curtis, Thomas and Crittenden join the Union.  They are assigned to Baltimore, St Louis and Evansville.  McDowell is given temporary command of II Corps (which was Lyon's Corps).

Union supply consumption is 30 which leaves them with 9.  They also use 3 rail (leaving them with 27).  The Union broadcast 5 supply to the depot in Baltimore.

Confederate supply consumption is 20 and 6 rail which leaves 50 supply and 9 rail.

The Union get militia in Missouri and Kentucky.

Week 29

The Union get the zero chit which is very frustrating as they have much to do.

Jackson is ordered to go and save Nashville.    His force march causes 1 casualty.  Hardee will be staying put.

Beauregard is ordered to send his supply wagon to Longstreet, but he takes a bit of supply out first in case the Union actually manage to attack.

Longstreet successfully rendezvous with the Supply Train while Stuart successfully screens his movement and the open road to Richmond.  Much to Johnston's disgust Bragg decides to stay in Richmond where he is eloquently holding forth about military strategy to anyone who will listen. Johnston ends up taking the newly raised 10 strengthen infantry division to Fredericksburg himself. Magruder is told to sit tight.

Van Dorn sends troops from New Orleans to garrison one of the forts covering the mouth of the Mississippi.  He wishes Floyd would go there too but he's in a pink and writes even more letters to President Davies claiming Van Dorn is Union sympathizer who has denuded New Orleans of troops.

Price and Polk argue over their options and do nothing (which is probably their best option).

In the East none of the Union generals display any initiative to do anything.  However the navy do order their new Naval Flotilla to sit off the site of Aquia Creek.

In the West Halleck finds himself isolated which has reduced his initiative to zero he's just going to have to wait for orders. Crittenden rails the newly raised 10 strengthen infantry division to Banks who is sitting across the Cumberland from Nashville.  He then takes the smaller division that was at Evansville and marches into Kentucky.  Banks gets word that Jackson is on the move, but does nothing as he knows he is no where near.

On the Mississippi Pope, Buell and McDowell do nothing.  However Thomas kicks some butt and gets things moving.  He sends the 10 strength division by rail and forced march to Union City, losing one strength point on the way.  He orders the 8 strenght division and the Supply Train to join Pope and then he goes himself to Alton to get the troops there organised.

Union River Flotillas are active on the Tennessee, destroying the rail bridge north of Waverly.  Their presence will stop Jackson crossing the river.  This is rule [9.7] Naval Zone of Interdiction, which I now realise I might have been wrongly applying to stop Confederate  coastal transport.

Farragut sails with the Ironclad towards Nashville.

Proving Floyd right, Porter takes his fleet and blasts the garrison in the fort protecting New Orleans. The garrison loses half its strength.

Week 30

Zero chit for the Union again.  Halleck is starting to get nervous waiting for orders.

Jackson is furious at his inability to get across the Tennessee River, so he ignores his orders and heads north to confront McDowell.

Hardee is ordered to reestablish his command.  He sends his wagon train and militia to Pulaski which reopens the bridge at Columbia.

Polk gets it into his head to march attack the Union troops at Jefferson City.  He loses one to force march, he's on the 131-160 column of CRT 1.  The Union retreat with no losses to either side.

Van Dorn suffers the humiliation of being lectured by Floyd.

In the East the Confederates hesitate.  Maybe that Union flotilla off Aquia Creek has disturbed them?

In his rage Jackson fails to attack McDowell.

Banks surprises everyone by crossing over the ferry and attacking Hardee in Nashville, 201-250 column on CRT 1.  A lacklustre affair with only a single casualty per side.  However it does mean Hardee is isolated again.

Farragut and the ironclad sails up to support Banks.

Tension in Tennessee

Crittenden gets lost in Kentucky and Thomas is swamped by paper work.  Buell gets initiative, but there is nothing he can do.

Pope comes alive and force marches his militia to Rolla.  They get there suffering one loss on the way.  However he decides to stay behind with his infantry division and supply train.

Action in Missouri

In the East the Union are just as immobile as the Confederates.  Neither Burnside nor Keyes appear motivated to attack.

Indecision in Virginia

In the Gulf Porter completes blasting the New Orleans fort garrison.  Van Dorn weeps.

Destruction in the Gulf

Week 31

Zero initiative again for the Union.  It doesn't look good for Halleck.

Polk force marches back to attack the Union at Rolla.  He loses a man on the way.  His march attack just produces a contact result.  Price watches with interest.

Stuart is ordered to get on with it.  Longstreet uses his initiative to follow.  Beauregard sends him an extra division.  The Confederacy have high hopes for a decisive battle.

Van Dorn and Floyd try and settle their differences.  Bruckner looks to the Defences of Charleston. Bragg moves to Fredericksburg where Johnston berates him for being tardy.  Magruder is content watching Keyes, safe in the belief that no harm will come to his army.

Polk doesn't attack.

Longstreet doesn't attack.

Jackson attacks the Union force holding Union City.  He is on the 111-130 column of CRT 4.  Neither side use supply.  He gets a 5/10* result and doesn't have to use his modifier.  Both sides lose 2 strength points and the Union must retreat, which they do, to Columbus.  Jackson occupies Union City.

Hardee pulls up his depot ready to evacuate Nashville.

Pope has plans to recapture Jefferson City but he fails to put them into action.  Buell also sits things out.  As does McDowell and Thomas.  Crittenden stirs into action and marches to the Cumberland River near Dover.  Banks is too busy hopefully preparing to attack to move and Halleck is stuck without orders (being isolated his initiative is reduced by one which makes it zero which means stuff is not going to happen).

Burnside, although he has opportunities to cut off Longstreet does nothing.  McClellan, although he could move to strengthen the line of the Potomac does nothing.  But Heinzelmann could make some bold moves, but decides caution is required and pulls back to Alexandria.

Keyes could do a march attack, but prefers to go for a big attack if he can.

Completing the dismal picture Curtis doesn't move either (he has forces which could be shipped out to land on the coast and cause all sorts of challenges for the Confederates).

Keyes attacks.  It is on the 131-160 column of CRT 2.  No supply is used and both sides lose one strength factor.

Burnside doesn't attack Beauregard in the Shenandoah Valley.

Neither does Banks attack Hardee in Nashville.

Week 32

Finally the Union get a free initiative.  It is just one, but that is all that is needed to save Halleck.  It means they will be going last and therefore the Confederate situation going into the second cycle of 1862 may have some risks if Union generals display initiative and move to cut them off from supply.

Hardee is ordered to abandon Nashville and he destroys the supply dump and retreats.

Stuart is ordered to go on a sweep south of the Potomac, capturing bridges and destroying railway lines.  The rest of the Confederate generals in the East and Gulf are told to stay in place (except Johnston who is wanted back in Richmond, but doesn't get the order).

In the West Jackson decides to pull back towards Humboldt.  Polk makes a march attack on Rolla but it has no effect.  He fails to follow up with a subsequent attack.

Longstreet considers attacking, but to do so would be of limited value.

Halleck is ordered to Nashville.  Phew!  The Union get one political point for this.

Banks is energised and does a march attack on Hardee.  They both lose one point.  Crittenden by a combination of river boat and forced march moves to Nashville.  Thomas, finally finished with the paperwork, sends the small cavalry division in Alton to St Louis and then railroads and force marches with the big infantry division to retake Union City, before going on to visit McDowell (who has decided to stay put).  Pope and Buell also stayed put.

Porter, aware of the imminent arrival of the Confederate ironclad pulls out to safety.  Farragut has taken the Union ironclad back to the Mississippi.

In the East the Union try and extend their blockade of Confederate seaports.  Curtis takes initiative and sends a big division to guard the bridge up river of Washington.

 The East

The West


The Confederates lost 10 to the Union's 7.

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