Friday, August 4, 2017

ACW - It's not just boardgames

Wednesday night at the club I was able to get in a simple Fire and Fury game with Craig who has a 15mm ACW army compatible with mine.  The aim was to reacquaint ourselves with the rules as well as get some of our figures on the table top.

We used hidden map deployment.  We both had 500 points.
My Union army is based on Keyes' Corps from Seven Pines 
(I had the labels handy)

Just as I get my guns deployed they get silenced!

The Rebel gunners were in fine form.

I bring up a replacement battery and it gets wrecked!

At least by now the Rebels were low on ammo.

Meanwhile my troops are plodding over the fields (rough ground),
to take up defensive positions. 

Nothing like a stonewall to hide behind.
Additional Union batteries have come up and blasted away
sadly all their ammunition as well!

Here they come!

Both flanks are engaged

On the Union left flank, Abercrombie's Brigade
is falling back.

Casey is encouraging the three brigades of his division to give those rebels hell.

We then discovered what the time was and decided to call it a night.  There had been too much chatting and sampling the night air.

The game was playing really well and we found the rules were coming back to us quickly.  We did have an issue with whether troops could move and wheel at the same time.  Subsequently I found this:

My other problem was the movement of artillery.  Can limbered artillery wheel, oblique, incline like brigades?  I'll have to post a question on that (after checking the rules again).

Next up is to get the new rules.  While waiting for them I hope to replay the Seven Pines scenario.


The forum has proved most responsive and I got the following answer:

I placed an order for Brigade Level Fire and Fury.  They suggested that I first try Olympian Games, who stock the rules in Australia.  I should have thought of that as I'd bought my Regimental Fire and Fury from Dean some time ago.  The new rules are now ordered and as well as saving a bit in postage, I expect they will get to me sooner.  

Very happy!

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