Sunday, August 6, 2017

GDW - World War Three - Game Turn Five and Six and BOOM!

These pictures are from week five.  After that transmissions ceased...

While the Soviets have over run Norway above the Arctic Circle, 
the cost has been high. 
The quality of the NATO troops and the worn state of the Soviets should slow them down.  
Shortly after this photo was taken the Soviets attacked Finland.

Copenhagen and Kiel are holding out.

The thin blue line before it was smashed.
The Soviets have swung through the Ardennes and trapped NATO in a Ruhr pocket.
The week following had the pocket significantly reduced and Soviet troops rushing into France.
The French President is about to use the Force de dissuasion.

Shortly after this the last Austrian city fell.
However the Italians managed to stop the Soviets outside Venice.

Yugoslavia has surrendered.

The Black Sea Fleet is now able to sortie into the Mediterranean.

Turkey, while shaken, actually counterattacked the Syrians and pushed them out.

The US in the Persian Gulf has pulled back to defend some oil wells.

And then the lights went out...


  1. Replies
    1. Game over man, game over.

      The Warsaw Pact forces would have captured enough cities and towns to give them a strategic victory.

  2. I thought it was a case of 'The NATO doctrine is that we will fight with conventional forces until we are losing, then we will fight with tactical weapons until we are losing, and then we will blow up the world.' (Morton Halperin).

    1. Given previous experiences with occupation, I would certainly be expecting extreme escalation.

      As I might have said in my posts about this game, "modern" is not really one of my wargaming interests and so I have read very little about this period.