Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seven Pines

Having last played this scenario in 2014 I was more than happy to get it out when Richard said he'd like to try a game of Fire and Fury.  He went Union.

The Union hold the crossroads and twin house redoubt in the distance.

The Rebels attack, pushing back the forward Union brigades.

The Union exceptional brigadier Palmer is felled by a sniper's bullet.

Shortly after the exceptional Confederate brigadier Rodes goes the same way.

The Rebels keep advancing and start to push their left flank into the woods towards Fair Oaks station.

The fighting is furious with many units shooting off all their ammo.
However the Confederate progress has been mediocre.

But at last they have captured the Twin House redoubt.

Now, about that flag...  Richard spotted that is an upside down North Carolina state colour.  Doh!

Things have got interesting now.
The Confederates had general success and pushed the Union steadily back,
but not without cost (losses many times those of the Union).
Rain's brigade has completed its outflanking march (it can just be made out top left hand corner).
It is 16:00 and Jenkin's brigade has just made its appearance (middle left).

(The departed) Rode's brigade is still fighting although spent.
It took numerous close canister shots to its flank.

But just look at Jenkin's go.
First it wipes out Deven's cavalry brigade.

Then it smashes up Jameson's brigade, before ploughing into and driving off Abercrombie's brigade which was holding the all important crossroads redoubt.

But then in the last turn, Jenkin's now worn brigade gets a disengage result.
Game over.

The Confederate generals are too far back to properly influence their advanced brigades.
The Union army has been roughly treated and is in danger of being encircled,
but they still hold the crossroads.

The Union get victory points for two worn and two spent Confederate brigades and one dead exceptional commander which totals 7 and then a winning 5 points for the crossroads.

The Confederates got victory points for three worn and two spent Union brigades, one dead exceptional commander and one captured Union battery which totals 9.

All being well I will be restaging this game on the 27th using the new edition of the rules.


  1. Good looking game! I look forward to a replay with the new version of Brigade Fire & Fury to see what has changed from the original. In the original, the best policy for the Confederates was charge. We will see if that stratagem holds in the new version.

    1. Thanks. My copy of the 2nd Edition arrived today so I'm now starting to work out what needs to change. The Rebel Yell (as it is now called) is an optional charge bonus for the Confederates. As the scenario stands they will have a benefit from their troops being experienced versus the green Yankees.