Sunday, August 13, 2017

Impetus Incompetent

I participated in this game at the club's most recent games day.

It was set in 1750 India with the French fighting the British for supremacy.  I was a poor Indian commander on the British side.  At least I started out poor, things kind of went south...

French are on the left, the British on the right.
Things got off to a promising start when the French commander was promptly downgraded.

The French were commanded by Richard, ably assisted by Andrew, Mark B and Olivier.  The British were commanded by Geoff, with Dave (who put together the game and supplied the figures), Stephen N and myself.

This is my command after its first move.
There are four units of Indian infantry (T, VBU 3 Harquebus B), two units of Indian Light Infantry (LF, VBU 5), two units of Skirmishers (S, VBU 2, Harquebus B), three units of Archers (T, VBU 3, Short Bow B) and one unit of Heavy Artillery. 
That's the me with the red flag.

Second turn I get a double one that downgrades me to incompetent :-(
This means whenever I throw a double for activation I miss a turn.
I threw a double...

Turn three I threw another double.
This was when I really need to protect my general as he was coming under fire.

Turn four, another double.
After this things started to look up as his unit was routed, removing him from the field. 
No general is better than an incompetent general.
Alternatively, no general is not worse than an incompetent general.

Around this time the British C-in-C got uprated to Charismatic.
Sadly by this time the British left flank was in dire straits.
The rest of the British army was advancing, but it was slow progress.

The British left.
The light cavalry screen had been obliterated.
Much was in disordered due to a move to the left 
which was compounded by a poor command structure (and a poor general).

The view from the French side.
My command is hampered by the enclosed field.
The Indian light infantry however are making progress.
These are the two units in white located in the bottom left hand corner,
of the above photo.

With the collapse of the left wing I start to deploy to cover this flank.

However my command broke in the same turn.
Above we have the view of the battle from
 the now deceased Incompetent General's new command in the clouds.


  1. Seems the only positive was getting your incompetent general killed off!
    Funny, we tend to put poor commanders in the front line too in an attempt to either have them knocked off by either enemy or "friendly" fire. Unless, of course, his replacement can be no better.

    1. I was criticised for putting him the front line, but with the command range being poor i wanted him to be able to influence his troops. I didn't expect him to get down graded and then stuck for three turns while being shot at. :-)

      Such is the luck of an incompetent general.

      There is a theory that he had an arrow in the back more than a musket ball in the front.