Thursday, August 17, 2017

Songs of Skeletons versus Blades of Orcs

Olivier's band of Orcs, comprising a War Chief (Q3 C4 Leader Tough), an Orc Champion (Q3 C4 Savage Hero) and four Orc Warriors (Q4 C3) took on my skellies (eight Q3 C2 and one Q3 C3).

My guys out looking for fun in the deserted village.

Orcs they come a wandering.

The skellies all stick together and sweep round the side of the building.

"Oh look, there's an orc, behind that tree."

The orc leader goes ahead by himself to checkout the opposition.

He attracts a lot of attention from the skellies.

Fighting starts

One skellie meets a gruesome death, but the orc leader is knocked down.

Another skellie gets beaten to dust.

And another gruesome death has the skellies running
(and this is after the skellies bonus for ignoring such deaths)

But they come back, a little blurry perhaps, 
but they do an orc in and knock their leader down again.

And proceed to slaughter the orcs.

An amazing turn around that happened all in one go.

Great game system.


  1. Looks like a fun game.
    I really like the Orc with the antlers on his hat!

  2. The steel helmets that some of the skeletons had really looked good!

    1. Thanks. I do find my skellies are most photogenic. I just need to work on my camera angles.