Thursday, August 3, 2017

GDW - World War Three - Game Turn Four

After week four the Soviet onslaught appears to have waned somewhat.  The Spanish, backed up by NATO airstrikes, have maybe saved the day.  The President is clutching the briefcase holding the launch codes tightly, the knuckles on his tanned hands gleaming white...

The US advance in the Persian Gulf against Esfahan has been called off.
It did succeed in drawing down significant Soviet reserves.
However the pro NATO Iranian army seems unable to stop the Soviet grab for oil wells,
to the West of Esfahan.

In the East of Turkey not much has happened, but...

The Soviets have secured the Turkish Straits.

The Greeks have pulled back to a new defensive line based on Thessaloniki.

The imminent collapse of Yugoslavia, the cause of the Greek pull back.

The Central Front, more a door really.
The Ruhr is strongly defended, but the Ardennes, less so.
Note the Spanish holding the South West. 

Ninguno pasará!

The Soviets have taken Narvik, but at considerable cost.


  1. Interesting. Just out of curiosity, what do the 3 numbers on the counters mean (Attack-Defence-Move, or something different)?

    I sometimes think it would be fun to do something like this with figures.

    1. Attack, Defence and quality (I forget the game turn). The quality number is totaled and averaged for attacker and defender and the result variation gives a combat shift. Units like commandos, while small, have high quality. The star counters represent loss of quality and when reduced to zero the unit is destroyed. You can recover quality by not being in a ZOC and not moving. It's a good system.

      Not sure how you would do this scale in figures. The planes would be fun.