Sunday, May 21, 2017

Just the Galleys (and a fish)

For the clubs games day Mark Woods and I arranged a game of Galleys.

And fish.

Where's the fish?

Phoenicians on the left (myself and Stephen B) and
 Greeks on the right (Mark Woods and Stephen N).

The Stephens had the left wing squadrons in each respective army.  The Marks took the centre and right wing squadrons.  We used playing cards to represent each squadron and shuffled each turn so now one new who was going next (except person who went last in a turn couldn't go first in the next turn).  This system worked well.

Beautiful Xyston models.

Here's the fish, or rather monstrous sea creature.

And it takes a fancy to one of the Greek quinqueremes.

The Phoenicians get first hit with a successful ram 
(marked by the green dice in lieu of tasteful damage markers)

The Greek quinquereme fights back, miraculously setting the fish on fire.

The two fleets (each comprising three squadrons)
are now engaged.

Ram and counter ram.

But some damage is caused by shooting 
(the quinqueremes are armed with Scorpios for long range combat)

The Greek flagship looks a little nervous
(big ship in the top middle of the picture looking lonely)

Killer Trihemiolia which have worked round the Greek left flank
and represent a tandem killing machine.

The Greek flagship was rammed and then shot up.
The Phoenician flagship landing the killing blow 
(skillful rolling of a six by me to Mark's four).

The right of the Phoenician line.
Three Quinqueremes holding firm (they did precious little else).

The action viewed from the Phoenician left.


Phoenicians lost 4 Triremes and 1 Quinquereme.  
Greeks lost 8 ships (including Flagship and one to the Big Fish).


  1. Bloody fish! Great game, although it took its time to get going.

    1. Yes, great game. Thank you for organising the fleets.