Saturday, May 13, 2017

Empress Dragoons - 15mm

This was the last unit I needed so I can field the French side for the Battle of Austerlitz.  As an elite unit I tried my best to do them justice.

Based for Napoleon's Battles.
In this configuration they have the same foot print as the 6mm figures
that are based for Blucher (2"x3") (see previous post)

These chaps previously appeared on my blog
as the bays to chestnut fiasco.

Rump shot

Column, the pose of the officer is good,
checking his men are with him.

Column of march.

There was flash or molding to cut away from the musket housing.

And from between the sword scabbard and boot.

I also cut out all the reins, although that is not so easy to detect from the photos.

It was fun doing the 6mm figures at the same time, easy to reuse colours, but a challenge to decide on level of detail.


  1. A wonderful unit and you have done them proud - I must get these in 20ml !!!

    1. Thanks Stryker.

      I must resist doing them in 20mm or any other scale, but they are a classic uniform, so it might happen. Hmmm, I wonder what the HaT figures look like?

  2. Nice work! I did not know you played NB.

    1. Thanks.

      Napoleon's Battles are very much my preferred set of Napoleonic rules. I've just organised my next game for this coming Friday (sadly it's my first for this year, but hopefully not my last as the rules are part of my six by six challenge). I will be fielding an 800 point Anglo Prussian army.

    2. I look forward to that BatRep. What version of NB do you play?

    3. Version 2 which is almost the same as Version 3, but with some bits of Version 4. I like the small unit option as well as units being able to roll for command and rally without commanders, but don't like the change to the interpenetration rule.

      I need to finish my critique of the NB4, but it is a big job to do it justice.

      I also need to confess that I have some involvement in the NB4 rules as my name appears in the acknowledgments, although my role was very small and just involved a bit of proofreading and scenario testing.

  3. Awesome, looking forward to your write up of your next game. Anton.