Friday, May 26, 2017

Bridge at Remagen - Blitzkrieg Commander

Richard had devised an assault scenario based on the Bridge at Remagen.  I took the US forces.

First up I need to drive over these Volkstum manning the barricade

Oh dear they have panzerfausts!

I brought up the Pershings and blasted my way through.

End of turn 2.  Progress is slow and there are only eight turns.
A command blunder didn't help.

Hitler Youth.
And yes, with panzerfausts.

End of Turn 3.

Some progress.

Command Blunder sets me back.
This was the end of Turn 5.

But the tanks are through.

We approach the bridge.

The infantry are still stalled in the town.

The Germans needed a double six to blow the bridge...

The view from the other side.

My eighth and final turn ended with another command blunder (rolling a double six).  That made three.  I did have one really good run of luck when I got the tanks through the town and shot up the bridge defenders, but then the bridge blew.  I was too slow getting up the infantry.

Great little scenario.


I forgot to acknowledge the source of the US forces.  Thanks Mark Woods for leaving your troops with Richard.  They did you proud.  

All the other kit and terrain is form Richard's collection, including the Pershings.


  1. With those wheel-to-wheel tanks I thought this was Flames of War :-D

    1. Congestion caused by the town and terrain. Basically I had a two lane road to advance down. Would of preferred some on table set up to provided support for initial encounter.

  2. Also this doesn't appear to be on your 6x6 list.

    1. Well spotted. I have corrected my labels. Had this ruleset as an Honourable Mention, but certainly not part of my cor six by six. Doh!

    2. But LOL, come to think of it, the number of double sixes rolled, the game sure wanted to be.

  3. I managed to assault the pillboxes with infantry and was doing ok until they blew the bridge. I misunderstood the scenario and got bogged down for the first few turns trying to fight my way through the town instead of bypassing it. Great game, glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity by leaving your troops at Richard's :-)