Thursday, May 25, 2017

Normans and Vikings

Brendan suggested I use his Normans and he would use my Vikings.  Sounded good to me.  After reviewing the many scenarios available, we settled on the old favourite, Clash of Warlords.

The Viking levy hide in a wood

The Viking warlord has one band of warriors (12) backed by some hearthguard (4)

And the same again on the other side.

I put the peasants behind the swamp and sergeants with crossbows in the front,
ready to unleash a storm of arrows.

Then I send in one of my eight man units of mounted hearthguard.

They wipe out the Viking warriors,
 but are assailed and in turn destroyed by the other unit of Viking warriors.

Then the Viking warlord leads an attack on the sergeants.
They are also destroyed but the Viking warlord is left exposed.

My warlord sees his chance.


One dead Viking warlord.  I think this was my first Saga victory.  Sadly yet another loss for my Vikings.

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