Friday, May 26, 2017

War between The States - Game Turns 89 to 92

March 1863 finds things in motion, eh, some things.

The Confederates implemented their first draft.  The Union followed.

I was slightly better prepared this time.

The Rebs slightly less so.

Rosencrans moves on New Bearn.

Lee strikes north!

The Rebs pullback from Union City 
which is now besieged by Buell and his Army of the Mississippi

Sedgewick proves to be a great disappointment.
Not one single attack is made against Nashville.

Lee inflicts 50% casualties on Crouch's corps at the Battle of Culpepper Court House.
The Union is devastated.

The Confederates evacuate new bearn.
Rosencrans chases McGruder,
but fails to catch him.

Initiative chits for 3/63 were 3, 4, 2, 3 for the Union and 5, 3, 3 and 2 for the Confederates.

Losses were 34 for the Union and 21 for the Confederates.


  1. It seems to me the CSA is doing pretty well so far...

    1. Yes, I am well behind in terms of actual Union progress. The Battle Culpepper Court House is also a significant set back for me as I must divert reinforcements to this theatre to make good the losses. I am also suffering from a lack of good generals - I need a Grant or a Sherman to be able to match Lee.