Thursday, May 11, 2017

Galleys and Galleys and Monster Fish

Today Mark Woods and I did a bit of test (or retest) of Galleys and Galleons for Ancient naval warfare as we plan to run a big game for the next NWS games day.

Two evenly matched fleets deployed in two squadrons per side, as seen from my opponent's side.

Each force had: 
  • 1 Royal Flagship Q4 C5
  • 4 Quinquereme Q4 C4 
  • 3 Trihemiolia Q2 C2
  • 3 Trireme Q3 C2

All were considered to have bow and javelin shooting out to one short all round (no modifier) and the quins and flagship had Chaser Guns, eh, I mean Scorpio.  We thought of having different rules for catapults but decided it was getting unnecessarily complex.

And Mark Woods gets off to fine form on his first activation roll.

We used playing cards to represent the squadrons, he was King and Jack of Spades and I was King and Jack of Hearts.  Simple system works well for multiplayers as well.

My first activation was a bit of a fizz as well.

And then it got interesting...

The Hearts claim first sinking.

The Monster Fish, sometimes played by Simon who had joined us, has a chomp on one of my ships.

Lots of action.
One of the Spade's ships has even caught on fire.

That damn fish has come back for another bite.

End of game.

The Hearts lost two ships sunk and one captured.  The Spades lost two ships, captured one, but have three ships crippled.  The fish is still hungry.

I'm still amazed how well this rule system works and how adaptable it is.  

All that is needed for our big game is a tailored QRS and some ship identity cards.

The fish is truly ancient, having been in my family for as long as I can remember.  My guess is it was a souvenir from one of mum or dad's travels in the 1950s, possibly even earlier.  I reckon its Italian and therefore possibly mum's from the 1950s or maybe dad's from the 1940s.  Pity they are not around to ask, but I am sure they would be happy to see it still is around and bringing fun.

And I can't mention fish without referencing this:



  1. The giant fish is an excellent idea. They should be compulsory for any naval battle!

  2. looking forward to the big game. should be fun.

    1. The family commented that they heard a lot of laughter coming from the room.

  3. Yes!

    I thought I was the only human till alive who listens to Yes :)