Thursday, May 11, 2017

War Between The States - Game Turns 64 to 68

The game continues.  The initiatives for the last turn of cycle 9/62 were 3 for the Union and 4 for the Confederates.  Nothing happened.

The Union production cycle after the start of 10/62.
There are troops coming, but they will need more training.

Just for the record the Union augmented a 3-3 to a 10-3, converted a 1-1 to a 1-3, built 34 garrison points, raised 12 militia and ordered two river flotillas.

It looks thin for the rebs, but a lot of battle ready troops will arrive soon.

A Union ironclad has penetrated the Mississippi, having come up from New Orleans.

Union river flotillas move down river, suffering casualties from the reb forts around Union City.

The scene of the big battle.
Beauregard had combined two armies to attack Wilson in the valley.
The attack went in, but the casualties were minimal (phew!)

Build for 11/62

Two river flotillas, a naval transport, five 4-2 militia converted to five 4-3 infantry, fifty garrison points converted to five 10-3 infantry divisions (yeah!) and a 2-2 militia.

The Rebs are coming.

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