Thursday, May 11, 2017

Early Ptolemaic versus Thracian

Time for Big Battles Basic Impetus 2.

Deployment found my pike facing light cavalry.  
Not good.

But we had massed on our right.
Two identical commands under Mark B and Stephen N.

The big picture

The pike being very cautious.

Stephen's death ride.

Very little happens on the left.

The view from on top of the elephants.

Stephen's death ride required iron discipline and a desperate charge.
He had success, but it did not last.

The enemy centre proved elusive.

And their right never got in contact.

The Ptolemaic right wing command routed, but further success by the Thracians was doubtful, so we called it a draw, which was a very gentlemanly thing to do.

The Thracians were run by Andrew and Geoff.

I think I prefer Basic Impetus 2 as is without Big Battles.  If I want to do a big game I would use Impetus.  Regardless we had fun.

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