Monday, December 31, 2018

More Armour and a bit of rebasing

Just to finish off what has been a very successful wargaming year, here is some more finished kit for North Africa along with a start are rebasing some existing figures.

First up, Zvedza's PzIII.  It's a beauty!

Next we have Zvedza's Stuart.  Another terrific kit.  Putting on the stars was a pain, doubly so when one broke off when I was doing the final dry brush.  I decided to paint it on, as you can see.

The we have Zveda's Lee Tank.  More of a challenge and the 37mm gun broke on both my models.  I ended up replacing them with a thin nail.

These 8th Army figures came from Simon who got them off eBay.  I have just touched them up a little and used plaster to cover their bases so that they are no longer seen as standing on little islands.

Now we have the start of the major rebasing project.  Just a test case, all I have to do is add a top colour.  So, as far as rebasing goes, this is simple simple.  I've included a base still to be done (top left hand corner) for comparison purposes.

That's all for this year.  I will be back next year. 
Meanwhile all the best and a happy and safe New Year to you all.


  1. Fantastic way to finish the year. Great job! Oh, Happy New Year too!

    1. Thanks. Nothing like a bit of completion to make you feel good, along with plenty more projects to look forward to progressing in the New Year.

  2. I've got some panzer IV's if you want them, 3 of

    1. Yes please. I have plans to expand into Europe and some PzIVs would do nicely.