Thursday, October 4, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Late Western Roman

My first competition game was against Brendan who hadn't been able to read the rules yet.  However he knew enough to throw the odd six, something I have failed to learn (except for cohesion tests).  He also hails from Christchurch, New Zealand which might explain why some of my troops fought so poorly (as they had been sourced from the same location).

 Very similar armies and a fairly similar deployment.

 The armies advance.

 A bleary bird's eye view.

 My right wing crumbles, but I have success on my left.

 My general has pulled back planning to move to cover the right flank,
but the enemy general has taken this as a signal to charge.

 The Roman infantry charged but failed to make contact.
But the generals are now locked in combat.

 End of Turn six and my general's unit is down to its last man.

 The enemy general has been routed,
but my infantry are starting to suffer.

Well, at least my general survived.

He came close to breaking the Romans, but the remnants of the green legion could just not get any hits, which was the story of this game.  

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