Friday, October 26, 2018

Three US jeeps, two big trucks and a reclaimed Lee Tank

Well there are only sixty days till Xmas.

When I purchased the Tunisian Campaign army, the US component had no jeeps or trucks.  I've now started to remedy that.

 Can't have a US army without jeeps.

 A few options were available with their assembly and I went for the full set.

 I don't normally do decals, but the models cried out for a white star.

 And you need trucks too to carry all the supplies.

 These are solid resin models with cast on bases.
Makes them easy, but I'm not sure it is a style I like/prefer.

 This model is solid metal, but I do not know the manufacturer.

 It is a bit of a rescue job as all its barrels were broken.
They have been replaced with wire or, in the case of the 75mm gun, brass tubing.
A bit fiddly, but I had more trouble with the decals.  
The white line is hand painted, but the stars have a coat of varnish to hold them in place.

 I'm very pleased how this model has turned out.
It was part of a stash of things I got back in the middle of 2017, 
from a club auction (see this post).

The new reinforcements all together now.


  1. Excellent US reinforcements for Tunisia!

    1. Thanks. I'm basically using the Megablitz Tunisian campaign OOB as a template to build my WW2 15mm collection.

  2. A real wargamery set of vehicles. Just the thing!

    1. Wait till you see all the stuff I have underway for the 8th Army.

  3. All US armies do indeed need jeeps and very nice rescue job on the tank. 😀

    1. Thanks. As a solid metal model I thought it would be a shame to let it go to waste.