Monday, October 29, 2018

Eins Sdkfz 222, Zwei Kubelwagens, und Drei Stug IIIs

Continuing the theme for the North African Theatre build-up, and also working through some accumulated kit, we now have some German reinforcements, circa early 1941.

 This little beauty is by Zvedza.

 It went together perfectly.

 The decals are PSC and while fiddly, actually worked.

 Unknown metal.  Really need some crew.

 This time the DAK emblem decal didn't work, pity.

 The odd one out is by Zvedza, the other two are unknown metal.
The metals models were missing their barrel assemblies.
I used the one from the Zvedza model to cast replacements.

 The Zvedza Stug is the same length, but noticeably wider.
It was another dream to assemble.

Only one vehicle came with the regulation paint, the others are still in factory grey.
The paint scheme was Tamiya black undercoat with Tamiya German Grey top coat.  
Then I applied a wash of VJ Buff, followed by a dry brush of VJ Bluff.


  1. I like what you have done with these. I have a bunch of Zvedza German armor too and I have only made it passed the panzer grey stage. The panzer grey looks to dark to me so I need to figure out how to lighten it up. You weathering approach may be just the ticket.

    1. Thanks. I should have taken some before and after shots, but in just grey they were very dark and none of the detail stood out, so the wash helped lighten them and the dry brush finished bringing out the detail.