Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantines versus Early Fatimid Egyptians

In a close to historical matchup, my Byzantines fought Mark Woods' Fatimid Egyptians.  It was his first Basic Impetus game.  It was a bloody encounter.

 End of the first turn as seen from the Byzantine left flank.
The Byzantine Tagmatic Kavallaroi are disordered after leaving the fields.

 By Turn Two things have developed quickly with the Byzantines getting in some long range shots.

 Turn 3 and the infantry are getting close, 
while skirmishing continues on the left.

 First contact.
Byzantine slingers hold their own... Briefly.

 The infantry clash.

 The Arabs get the advantage.

 Some excellent Byzantine bow work.

 End of Turn Four.
Byzantine foot have withstood the Arab onslaught.

 Finally I win an initiative only to have Mark reroll and move first again.

 Victory for the Byzantine Commander.

 But by the end of Turn 5 the Byzantine Commander was sent packing.

 The crows start circling over head.

 End of Turn 6 and the Arabs have staged a comeback,
the Byzantine Commander is lost and the infantry pushed back (mostly).

 Last Turns and both armies break...

Crows have a feast.

And if you would like to see the battle in a single frame, here you go...


  1. For a long time I considered getting Fatimid Egyptian army, but for two reasons desisted. One was that for most of the period om armies, the Byzantines got on fairly well with the Fatimids. The other was that the army was perhaps too much like the Byzantine. All the same, this game shows them as worthy opponents, but in appearance and battle craft!

    1. If I ran my army as the list default it would be a very close match to the Fatimid list. I'm busy painting the cavalry so I can have options.

  2. So many beautiful figures in a single battle, love the colorful Arabs...

    1. Yes, very colourful.

      I can take no credit for the arabs, all Mark Woods excellent brush work and of course brought to life by my superb photography :-p