Friday, October 19, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantines versus Spanish Imperial

My Byzantines are certainly getting around a bit.  Last night at the club they took on Richard's Spanish Imperials - 500 years later and they had gunpowder!  This was just a friendly game, but we are both in the club's Impetus League competition, details of which can be seen here.

 End of Turn 1.
I was the attacker which meant I deployed mostly after the Spanish.  
I chose not to align my infantry against his pike blocks.

 End of Turn 2 boths sides are advancing.
Each is promoting their left flanks.

 My light cavalry get a perfect charge in against their opposites.
The enemy should have routed, and to force the issue I used my Betrayal Ace in the Hole card.
Sadly it produced the same result.

 End of Turn 3.
My light cavalry that should have been victorious has now been badly mauled.
The enemy Harquebusiers are also making their presence felt.

 End of Turn 4
The enemy pike have carried all before them.
That enemy light cavalry, that should have been betrayed, is still hanging on.
Note the slingers fighting the Italian Harquebusiers on the far right of the picture.
They are off in world of their own.

 End of Turn 5.
There has been some success on the Byzantine left,
offsetting somewhat the disaster on the Byzantine right.

 In goes my general hitting the Italian Men-at-Arms in the flank.

 End of Turn 6.
Byzantine morale is almost broken.
The red legion needs to get away.

 The slings get a few hits on their foe, 
but cannot break their cohesion.

 End of Turn 7.
The red legion are doing their best to get out of the way.

 The Harquebusiers get to shoot back...

 End of Turn 8.
The Spanish pike just can't quite reach the red legion.
The remaining Byzantine foot have turned around to face their pursuers.
The Byzantine cavalry is trying to come around.
But the Byzantine slingers have been routed.

 End of Turn 9.
The Byzantines feel they are very much on borrowed time.

End of Turn 10 and end of the battle.
The Byzantine foot had fought surprising well against the pike,
one more causality might have produced a draw.

The Spanish missile fire had been poor, but their pike blocks were just about unstoppable,

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