Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sidi Rezegh with Rommel - Take Two

Following on from the success of our last game (which was my first Rommel game) Simon and I replayed the Sidi Rezegh scenario again, this time swapping sides.  It was even more exciting and played even better and, although the Deutsches Afrika Korps was monstering the 7th Armoured Division, it still ended up being a close run thing.

 Straight up the 21st Panzer Division attempts to storm the first objective.

 They failed and the 7th Armoured were able to counterattack, 
giving the defending infantry time to dig in.
The black markers are used to show "tipped" units.

 The 21st Panzer keep attacking,
while on the left the 361st Schutzen Regiment have made their first attack on another objective.

 The 361st have success, while the 21st Panzer have surrounded their objective.  
There is about to be a vicious clash of armour with the newly arrived 22nd Armoured Brigade.

 It is now the end of the eighth turn and the 15th Panzer Division has arrived
 along with the British 4th Armoured Brigade.

 The 7th Armoured has deployed a mixed force to defend the centre objective.

 The fighting has been intense,
but the 21st Panzer have their objective completely surrounded.

 The 15th Panzer has immediately attacked the Honeys of 4th Armoured 
(yes I know they look like Matildas)

 All quiet in the central sector.

 But the 21st Panzer has taken its first objective and is now eyeing the next one.

 The initial attack is not very successful.

 But the 15th Panzer has the British on the run...

 Again the 21st attack, but are beaten off.

 However the 15th have destroyed the enemy and taken a third objective.
To win the DAK need to hold three of the objectives by the end of the game.

 The 7th Armoured is left holding one objective.

And narrowly fail to recapture one of the other objectives.

At the end, weight of numbers allowed to Axis to make repeated attacks at the expense of not using various tactics to get advantages in combat. 

The game provides plenty of opportunities for counterattacks, as well as movement and some nerve wracking decision making.  No measuring and only a single combat strength calculation make for an easy game that allows you to develop and implement plans giving the feeling of actually being in command and trying to outwit your opponent.


  1. Atmospheric, beautiful and bloody...Great looking game!

    1. Thanks Phil. I think the custom built terrain mat really helps (although my hills could be a little better - I made those). That just leaves the basing and labels to refine.