Thursday, September 27, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Sassanids

Fresh off the painting table and in to battle, my new Byzantines take on Mark B's Sassanids.

I had to deploy first which gave the Sassanids and advantage.

The Sassanids picked "Aggressive Deployment"
they obviously wanted to be home early.

My archers get a hat trick against the Sassanid foot, 
made doubly sweet when the enemy badly failed the resultant Cohesion Test.

End of Turn 2 and the Sassanid elephants are making a mess of my red legion.

My general charges.
The odds are not good.

I have victory on my right, although it is taking a long time to clear the field.
The elephants have been winded.

But the elephants return.  
Previously my general had played the Betrayal card on the opposing Sassanid cavalry, 
but it had failed badly and transferred the card to them.
They then used it to turn around a situation with the remnants of the Red Legion.
The real betrayal was that I failed to remember that the elephants don't get their impetus bonus against long spear.  Doh!

Turn 4 and the two generals are locked in combat,
while the elephants keep stomping.

At the end of the Sassanid fifth turn we called a halt to the battle.
Losses were even at this stage.

I was very happy how my new army performed.


  1. Nice "hat trick!" I bet you remember next time that elephants have a distaste for charging into a block pointy sticks. Good looking game. I really must get BI2 out onto the table.

    1. Thanks. I should have taken a picture of my opponents Yahtzee when he threw five 5's. But three 6's are better as it takes two 5's to get one hit, whereas each 6 gets you a hit. Basic Impetus 2.0 is a nice clean set of rules. I played a lot of DBA 2.0 and BI is just like DBA with big bases. The Impetus rules are good once you get the hand of them, although the main set really needs a rewrite to incorporate all the amendments.

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