Sunday, September 23, 2018

Annals of a Fortress

Been on a bit of a local holiday which is always a good time for me to catch up on my reading.  Simon lent me this book and a jolly good read it was.  At times rather technical, but the plentiful diagrams helped.  It was also a good companion to the various castles I had seen in France earlier this year.

The book covers twenty two centuries of siege warfare based on a semifictuous location somewhere in Burgundy.

The translation in the copy I read was good, but still had some local flavour plus a feeling for the time it was written (nineteenth century).  It is very patriotic and militaristic as can be expected in the period preceding WW1.

What I really enjoyed were the descriptions of the various sieges that took place.  


  1. Hi Mark,

    Yes this is a great book. I first came across it at university and when it was republished I just had to get it.


    1. The chap that lent me this book, Simon, has gone on to model a Vauban style fortress in 28mm which should give us some scope for a siege battle or two.