Sunday, September 23, 2018

Arnhem - The Battle for the Bridges, 1944

I couldn't take the risk of not getting this book for Father's Day so I bought it myself.  I've enjoyed every Antony Beevor book I've read except Spain (which I found way to confusing).  This one was no exception, although I wish I'd kept the OOB handy as I got mixed up on who was commanding what.

Well explained, day by day, blow by blow account of the campaign with the preliminary and post conflict covered well with no holding back on the horror, stupidity and gallantry inherent in military actions.

Definitely a bridge too far.

I'm now looking forward to playing the GMT boardgame, Holland '44.


  1. I enjoyed Beevor's SCW book but I understand your point about becoming confused. I though Crete 41 was first rate.

    1. His Crete book is one of my favourites. I will enjoy reading it again as it was a while ago that I read it.