Monday, October 16, 2017

Wings of Fantasy

The gargoyle and the hawkman(?) I've had for months, but the harpy is a bit of a record as I just got her less than two weeks ago.

 Cue maniacal laughter.

 Mortar the Gargoyle (I don't make the names up, I just buy the figures)
Reaper Bones Dark Heaven range 77028

Painted black, then dark grey and then a lighter grey.

There is enough detail in the figure to easily bring it to life.

A gremlin got into this photo

Again a Reaper figure, code number 77041

I was trying for a feathery, scaly, fleshy outcome and I think I kind of got there, but perhaps not so much when the figure is blown up so big as in the above photo.


 Tail end

 Hawkman SS15 from Garrison.
I'm prepared to call them hawkperson in these more enlightened times.

 I'm actually very happy how Hawk turned out.
I was aiming for an angel look, but in a classic Greek sense - heroic nude.

I just wished I had paid more attention to the beak when I was cleaning the figure up.
It is hard to be a hawk without a nice sharp beak.

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