Monday, October 16, 2017

Galley Action

Yesterday I umpired a game of Galleys and Galleons between Mark Woods and Michael.  It was Michael's first game with these rules, so things were kept simple, not that G&G is a complex set of rules.

 Mark's flagship and its consorts.

 A frontal ram by one of Michael's triremes inflicted a bit of damage.

 The fleets coming into contact

Each side had 12 ships: one hexareme as flagship (Q4 C5), 5 quinqueremes (Q4 C4) and 6 triremes (Q3 C3).  These were arranged in two squadrons.  Mark was fielding mixed squadrons while Michael had all his triremes on his left (bottom right corner in above photo) and his big ships on his right.

The game played well, with plenty of maneuvering until contact was made.  
The game then became a slugfest, eventually going to Michael.