Saturday, October 7, 2017


I am now nearing the end of my quest to field a Roman Army to fight my Ancient Britons.  These 12 figures complete all the legionnaires I need for a Marian Roman Army, only issue is they have the wrong shield shape.  I'm not so concerned about that as they also double up for the Early Imperial Roman Army.  More importantly I wanted to use the Airfix Roman figures as is (even though I've repositioned the shields).

To finish the Marian army I need two stands of light infantry.  Figures have been selected and conversion is about to commence.

For the Early Imperial army, the same psiloi are required, and to do the full list some auxilia (but I'm thinking of just using the archers I have painted and based, although I do have a more auxilia type figures identified for conversion); a warband, but have to be careful if I just use the Ancient Briton figures; a light horse stand, which I have, but may not be perfect; and an artillery base, which might be fun to scratchbuild, but might be more sensible to buy (or at least look to see if the option exists).

Plus I need two camps. 

Then I will be ready for DBA in 20mm or 1/72nd scale.


  1. Superb Romans, lovely colors...waiting for the camps!

    1. Thanks. I was going to do elaborate camps, but now I'm thinking simple, in fitting with the figures.