Thursday, October 12, 2017

Burgundians versus Lancastrians

A club league game where my Burgundians sit and wait the Lancastrians.

 Oh dear, on my CinC's first roll he is downgraded.
I guess it is tempting fate too much to start with a general rated as a genius.

 My whole army sitting on opportunity, 
watching the enemy who are likewise sitting on opportunity.

 Fate can be cruel.
On my CinC's next role he gets upgraded, 
except he can't as he's already been downgraded.

 The Lancastrian's start to move their right flank.
I plan to move my left flank knights to my centre and then launch a devastating charge down the gap between the two fields.

 My knights take a while to get moving
Meanwhile I advance my archers.

 Shooting starts and it does not go well.

 This is going to be tricky

 On the right the shooting is also not going well for me.

 The Burgundians as seen from the Lancastrian side.

 My knights are off,
but I've miscalculated and the gap narrowed just enough to disorder the left hand band of knights.
As it was, their second move failed anyway...

 My knights struggle on.

 My right wing came off much worse in the shooting.

The knights rode down three enemy units.

Sadly it wasn't enough to win the battle, but at least it was a lot of fun.

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