Thursday, October 26, 2017

Early Seleucids versus Spartans

Andrew talked me into a game of Basic Impetus 2.  The theme was Greek and I decided I would try something different: elephants.

 Flanked by two woods, I was happy to get my elephants into position.

 Seen from the Spartan side, my light infantry and skirmishers are confident of taking the woods,
while my light cavalry sweeps round the rear.

 My peltasts got in a bit of a muddle and things soon went bad for them.

 But my elephants and pike got in.
Sadly they failed to inflict significant casualties.

Just before the end...
The Spartan cavalry was dealt with, but it was too late to affect the battle.
The Spartans prevailed against my pike and elephants.
Sensibly, my general kept out of it.

I am really impressed with Basic Impetus 2 

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