Thursday, October 5, 2017

Success on the third attempt

Last night at the club I enlisted Mark B as the Prussians and Stephen N as the French to do a further test of built-up area (BUA) fighting in Napoleon's Battles.

One regiment of Prussians started deployed in one village,
while a second regiment was ready to move into the other village.
Two French division were tasked to take the villages.

The BUAs would provide a +2 combat bonus for deployed units that were not disordered.  They counted as rough terrain due to the presence of the stream running through them.

 End of the first turn and there was some fire combat, but no melee.
Both sides had a unit contesting the eastern village.

 The French attacked in the eastern village where both sides were in column.
They successfully withdraw after becoming disordered.

 In the western village the French deployed their light infantry brigade into line and attacked.
It was dispersed when trying to withdraw when it took an extra 4 casualties after suffering 3 casualties in the close combat and 1 casualty in the previous turns fire combat.

 The Prussians attack the other French brigade contesting the eastern village.
The Prussians are routed.

End of the second turn and the Prussians still hold the western village,
but the eastern village is being fought over.
The Prussians have some reinforcements.

 The French attack the western village.
They are successful.

 The French have occupied the western village, but are disordered.
The disorder represents the confusion caused by house to house fighting and also the distance the unit has had to notionally travel to clear out the enemy from the BUA. 
The Prussians counter attack, but are severely repulsed.
While the French were disordered and did not get the advantage of the BUA's combat modifier, they did count as being in line (deployed for fighting).

 End of the third turn and the French now hold the western village.
The eastern village has seen some fire combat, but that is all.
The French have received reinforcements as well.

 The French attack the Prussians in the eastern village.
The French are pushed back, but still cling to the village.

 End of the fourth turn.
The Prussians have been trying to rally their men for more attacks.

 End of the fifth turn.
The turn just saw some ineffective shooting, but the Prussians are now in position to attack.

 The Prussians attack the French in the eastern village.

 And in the western village.

 End of turn six and the Prussians have recaptured the western village.
The eastern village remains contested.

 The French launch a counterattack on the western village.

  End of turn seven.
The French have captured the western village again.
But have been thrown out of the eastern village.

I was very happy with the outcome, plenty of two and fro action and testing of both fighting in BUAs deployed and as just a bit of terrain.

Wasn't so happy with the withdrawal rule.  I think it should be considered part on the melee combat. 

Also used a house rule that allows for position of friendly commanders after all friendly combat units have finished moving.  This stops command units unnecessarily blocking troop movements.


  1. Enjoyed the scenario, a possible error may be having two Prussian units in the same BUA at the same time.........

    1. Thanks. You can only have one unit (plus an artillery) deployed in a BUA, but my understanding is that if you don't deploy, you can have as many units as can fit in a BUA - they won't get any benefits beyond cover. A unit must be fully in a BUA to count as being in cover for musketry. Artillery get a 1" fire zone into a BUA (as they do for a wood).