Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some pebbles from my 25mm Napoleonic Lead Mountain

Why collect in one scale when you can have Napoleonic forces in two scales, or three or four...

While reviewing my 15mm (which yes includes a good number of 18mm figures, nothing like scale creep to keep you awake at night) I came across these chaps:

Many years ago I had planned to form a 24 figure French Line unit for my 20/25mm Napoleonic army, however these guys are now targeted for Songs of Drums and Shakos.  I've some Prussians already finished that they can fight.  These French men look almost complete, just a few more years and they'll be done.

On the subject of scale, I'm calling this one "25mm" and for me it includes 1/72nd, 1/76th, 20mm, 25mm and even 28mm (and I do have two 30mm figures from 1971).  

It's mainly old stuff from my teens so full of nostalgia.  It was my first Napoleonic venture and I have a fairly detailed project list of all the units both complete and proposed (and even cancelled).  Most of them (Airfix predominantly) have been the subject of posts already and I've been updating my project list to include links to the relevant posts.  One of the aims of my blog is to record my wargaming efforts, including those of the past were possible and were I still have the figures in my collection, 

Apart from 15mm and 6mm I also have some 54mm figures.  My 54mm Napoleonic collection has its own lead mountain that I rediscovered going through my 15mm stock pile.  I think it deserves a post...

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