Thursday, August 25, 2016

Macedonians versus Persians

Yesterday my Greeks formed themselves as a 550 point Early Macedonian Successor army and faced off against Richard's Persians.

The Persian horde.

The Early Macedonians.

I moved forward and of course one of my commands stumbled and became disordered.

A nice patch of broken ground on my right flank gave plenty of room for my Peltasts and Thracians to play.

On my left two enemy units of Cretans suddenly appeared when they had been found to be missing from the deployment.  Maybe advancing my Greek light cavalry into that rocky ground was not such a good idea...

Skirmishing commences on the right,  The Persians are yet to master the interpenetration rules for Light Foot.

Back on the left and what were skirmishers suddenly morph into enemy Light Foot.  Interesting.  (The last of the deployment snafus).

So far the chucking of javelins and throwing of stones on the right is ineffective.

It's get interesting on the left as my pike and hoplites grind forward.

The Persians have brought up additional missile troops on the right, but things are still pretty harmless.


Ah ha, that's why it's called Macedonian Successor.  There has just been a succession of commanders.
I should say that by this stage the Persian C-in-C had been down graded to incompetent, but later one of the Persian sub-commanders was raised to expert.

In go the scythed chariots.

Fighting has commenced on the left as well where the enemy Light Foot find themselves no match for a pike block.

The shooting has hotted up.  I just need these guys to hold out while my infantry on the left and centre get to grips with the enemy.

The view from the Persian side for a change.  My Thessalian cavalry trying to cover the flank of the infantry.

The Greek right as seen from the Persian side.

My infantry on the left are triumphant and the enemy right collapses.

But they did do some damage before they fled.

On the right things got very interesting.  My peltasts suffered, but the Thracians were able to extract revenge.

The Persian guard meet my hoplites in the centre.

The enemy are almost broken and my left needs time to reorder.

The Thracians swarm forward and push the enemy to breaking point.

The final scene 

The game played a bit slower than usual.  I think I'm still hankering after a bigger value for U, the movement measure, however I now also realise that U=1 cm is perfectly in tune with base depths.


  1. Great report Mark and very good looking game as well. I am looking forward to the Impetus League at the club as I am amazed that Dave will have 12 of us playing! Should be very enjoyable.

    1. Thanks Carlo. They just about write themselves.

  2. What a great looking game - nice to see such a big ancients battle!

    1. Thanks. I'm really enjoying the Impetus rules.