Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brunswickers for Blucher

After lots of angst I took the plunge and (I know it's cheating) "painted" up some 6mm Heroics and Ros figures for the three Brunswick brigades that took part in the Waterloo campaign.

The angst was not in the painting but in the basing and positioning (unit representation) of figures as well as deciding to go with a three by two inch base.  One of the reasons for that size base is that it works in well with the Napoleon's Battles rules.

The basing compound is plaster and then over painted with a few different shades of green.  I ended up going lighter and brighter as I think the 6mm figures need it.

As for representation, 12 infantry equal a battalion and 3 cavalry a squadron and one gun a battery.

I think 6mm look good from a distance.

One squadron of Uhlans and four of Hussars.

The man himself.  
It will do as the divisional commander for Napoleon's Battles as well as the Hero base for Blucher.
 (I'm not sure how heroes work in Blucher, but easily doing the stand is the beauty of 6mm).

Buttlar's Brigade incorporating Lieb Battalion, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Light and Heinemann's Horse Artillery battery

Specht's brigade incorporating the Avantgarde, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line and Moll's Foot Artillery.
I had fun doing the flags and collars which is the only distinction at this scale.

The view from the rear.

The 6mm bases shown with the Blucher unit cards.

If these bases ever get used I will probably either make up a roster or attach a label.

Visually it should be obvious that the infantry brigades have attached artillery (and maybe I shouldn't have done so many skirmishers) and that the cavalry is under strength as per the Blucher rules.

I'm thinking of doing future French and British units on one inch square bases to provide flexibility for Napoleon's Battle rules and also to allow for different configurations for Blucher.  It is also possible I might do a bit more diorama work on the bases, but time will tell.  As it is I'm surprisingly happy with these.

Minor Update 3 April 2017

The base sizes are 3 inches by 2 inches.


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  2. Well done Sun of York. I like the representation of brigades very much.

    You bastard - you've made me think about re-basing my 6mm Austrians.


    1. There are lots of options, in fact, a few too many I think.

  3. Nice. A convert to the dark arts of 6mm! I've cleaned up the cuirassiers, just need to try to slot them in.

    1. Thanks. You might not have noticed, but I redid the horses with the blonde tails and manes.

    2. you took me seriously? shame on you!