Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quick Wings

Wednesday night's game at the club.  It had been a long day with the Impetus game earlier, so a quick game would be a good game.

I'm in B10 hanging back to let my compatriot, flown by Paul, 
take on the pair of Hun two-seaters flown by Stephen

A single long range shots sets my crate on fire and 
Paul has flown off (not his fault, his rudder jammed).

Luckily the Hum suffer some jammed guns.

I'm coming round but Paul has flown off again.

Narrow miss.

Finally I get to see some results from the machine gun bursts I've been sending the enemy's way.

At least we've broken up the Hun formation, but being two-seaters 
they can bring fire to bear from almost any angle.

At least I've now been able to put my fire out 
(and very luckily the damage was insignificant)

Revenge.  That was Paul's work, but I'm happy to see it.

I've taken a bit of damage and I'm thinking of heading for home

But I do an Immelmann turn and head back into the action.

The dog fight continues

Paul and I narrowly miss colliding.

Those flames seem to be burning brighter?

The flaming German plane is sinking lower...

And is down

But I've had enough

As I leave I see in the rear view mirror (well I would of if I had one) 
Paul collide with the remaining Jerry plane.

They survive, but only just and follow my lead to return to base.

Wings of Glory, always a fun game.

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