Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Lead Mountain

Lead mountains accumulate for various reasons, perhaps as even some kind of way of hiding our assets as the prospect of obtaining the age pension approaches (Don't, at least not in Australia, Social Security are a wise to such crafty behaviour and "collections kept for hobby purposes" are included in the age pension assets test).

Often the mountain starts from the few odd figures left over after an army is created.  Sometimes its figures that looked good, sounded good or were a bargain, only to disappoint when the wrapping comes off and they have the wrong shaped accoutrements or whatever.

I've spent the last few days sorting out a particular lead mountain.  I've produced a list which I've reproduced here.  There would be about 3,000 figures.  Before I can get too excited about possibilities, I have another lead pile to go through.


Old Glory SY01 Janissaries - 50 foot approx
Old Glory SY05 ? - 50 foot approx with four painted samples
Old Glory SY06 Suvataliari Guard - 20 mounted approx
Old Glory SY07 ? - 20 mounted approx
Old Glory SY011 artillery - 23 foot and 6 guns with various wheels and barrels
Old Glory SY012 Generals - 20 mounted approx
1NTC - 4 mounted
4NT - 8 foot
7NT - 8 foot
9NT - 8 foot standing shooting
10NT - 8 foot kneeling shooting


Old Glory FAH2 French Horse Artillery - 20 foot and 6 guns approx
Old Glory FAH2 French Horse Artillery - 24 foot and six guns
Old Glory Horses - 33 
Old Glory French Foot Artillery - 11 foot, 1 gun, 12 spare barrels, 11 ammo chests and one table
Old Glory Russian 12# artillery barrels
Old Glory French Hussar command - 4 mounted
Old Glory French mounted eagle bearers - 3 figures
Old Glory French command 1809 uniform - 22 foot 
AB RG01 Russian Guard kiwer marching - 25 foot
AB IF20 French dead - 4 foot
AB Prussian Guards - ER09A 12 advancing, ER09 12 marching, ER10-14A 8 command
AB Ney - 1 mounted
Old Glory French Guard Chasseur (2), artillery crew (1), artillery barrels (5), Russian Infantry (1)
Old Glory dead French 12 foot and 15 horses
Old Glory Napoleon seated command - 11 foot, 3 horses and a table
Old Glory Austrian Infantry in Shako advancing - 24 foot
Old Glory wounded Austrian infantry (2), wounded French cuirassier (1) no horse and enthusiastic French grenadier (1)
Old Glory Austrian Grenzer - 2 foot
Old Glory Austrian Grenadier command - 8 foot
Old Glory Platov (1 mounted) and 6 artillery barrels and 3 wheels
Old Glory Italian Chasseurs - 6 mounted
AB R06 Russian skirmishers - 4 foot
AB R05 Russian grenadiers (?) charging - 10 foot
Old Glory Austrian sappers - 3 foot
Unknown 3 mounted lancers maybe Cossacks (nice horses standing with saddles)
Old Glory Wurtemberg Horse artillery - 12 foot, 1 barrel and 6 ammo chests
Old Glory wagon horse riders various nationalities - 15 (no horses)
Old Glory French Dragoon command - 8 mounted and 2 Chasseurs (guard?) no horse
Old Glory Austrian Landwher? - 4 foot
Old Glory Wurtemberg infantry command - 4 foot
Old Glory French Old Guard Chasseurs inc command - 12 foot
Old Glory Russian Dragoons - 18 riders inc wounded and command, 20 horses
Old Glory Russian Generals - 10 riders and 3 horses
Old Glory NCP4 horse artillery - 11 crew and 5 guns 
Old Glory NCWES1 Westphalian Line Infantry - 22 foot inc 4 sets of command and 3 painted 
Old Glory Austrian Jäger - 10 foot
Old Glory NCB3 Bavarian cavalry command - 5 riders and 4 horses
Unknown 13NVC - 3 mounted
Unknown 5dNE - 8 assorted sappers with picks, axes, shovels etc
AB R04,07,08,09 Russian - 14 foot
Old Glory French infantry 1 advancing in greatcoat, 1 wounded
Old Glory Polish infantry - 11 foot inc command
Old Glory French Old Guard cavalry - 10 riders and 8 horses
Old Glory Russian jaegers skirmishing - 31 foot
Old Glory Wurtemberg Dragoons - 5 riders
Old Glory ANE3 Austrian Grenadiers - 16 foot inc command
Old Glory fully painted 14 various cavalry riders and 1 infantry 
Old Glory RLJ1 Russian jäger(?) skirmishing with plumes - 20 foot
Same again - 12 foot
Battle Honors BFR33 French Horse artillery - 15 crew and 5 guns
Old Glory Austrian generals - 3 riders and 2 horses
Old Glory Polish Lancers (Guard?) - 14 riders (some with separate arms) and 12 horses
Old Glory NCI3 Westphalian(?) heavy cavalry - 16 mounted
Old Glory ANH2 marching infantry - 31 foot no command
Old Glory ANH1 command - 7 foot and 4 mounted
Old Glory NAE10 French Guard Ambulance - 2 wagons and 6 figures approx
Battle Honors BSX1 - 25 foot inc command
Old Glory ANM1 Austrian Landwher - 16 foot inc command approx
AB French ADC - 1 mounted
Old Glory French riders 2
Unknown French standard bearer - 1 foot
Old Glory Russian musketeers in great coats marching - 41 foot inc command
Old Glory Grenzers - 19 foot inc command
Old Glory NCI5 Italian infantry(?) - 20 foot
Old Glory NW3 Russian casualties - 20 foot approx
Old Glory FOG3 French Young Guard(?) - 56 foot approx (some nice figures)
Battle Honors BSX6 French type horse artillery - 8 crew and 2 guns
Old Glory IRI2 St Petersburg militia - 54 foot no command
Old Glory NW2 Austrian casualties - 20 foot approx
Old Glory Swedish generals - 3 mounted
Old Glory RLG2 Russian Guard - 20 foot no command approx
Old Glory Austrian generals - 4 mounted
Unknown 91NDC generals - 4 mounted
Old Glory Russian Corps generals - 6 mounted
AB R02,03,07,09A,10,11 Russian Guard Jäger - 20 foot inc command
Battle Honors BSX2 French type elite skirmishers  - 31 foot inc command 
Old Glory IRI1 Russian Moscow militia - 50 foot approx
Old Glory NCB1 Bavarian - 18 foot inc command approx
Old Glory RIC4 Russian Cossacks (bow) - 30 mounted approx
Old Glory NCP2 Polish infantry - 12 foot inc command
Old Glory Russian Musketeers command - 24 foot
Old Glory RFD2 Russian musketeers - 50 foot
Old Glory NCS3 Saxon Kuriasser (bicorne) - 16 mounted and 1 spare rider
Old Glory NCI1 Italian infantry command - 12 foot
Old Glory FOG5 French Guard Chasseurs-a-Cheval - 12 riders and 3 horses
Old Glory Bavarian cavalry - 20 approx
Old Glory RMH2 Russian Hussars - 20 mounted approx
Old Glory Austrian Grenadier Command - 4 foot
Old Glory NMG4 French Marshall #5 - 12 riders and 5 horses
Old Glory ANG9 Austrian infantry charging - 24 foot no command approx
Old Glory ANG8 Austrian infantry marching - 24 foot no command approx
Old Glory RGC1 Russian infantry great coat command - 18 foot approx
Old Glory NCI4 Italian Horse Artillery - 12 crew and 3 guns approx
Old Glory RGC2 Russians in greatcoats - 30 foot approx
Old Glory NCC2 infantry with command - 24 foot approx
Old Glory RLG1 Russian command - 24 foot and 4 mounted approx
Old Glory NAE12 Wagon with wide body - 2 models
Old Glory NAE11 Wagon with narrow body - 2 models
Old Glory FOG11 French Guard Lancers with swords - 24 mounted approx
Old Glory Polish Lancers - 24 mounted approx
Old Glory Russian Line infantry - 96 foot in command
Old Glory Austrian Hungarian Grenadiers - 24 foot approx
Old Glory Austrian infantry - 72 foot inc command approx
Old Glory Polish Foot Artillery - 8 crew
Old Glory Wurtemberg infantry - 24 foot no command approx
Old Glory Austrian Landwher - 16 foot approx
Old Glory Polish Legion - 40 foot inc command
Old Glory French Marshalls - 8 riders and 12 horses
Old Glory NCP1 Polish line infantry Czapka with elites - 43 foot
Old Glory Italian line infantry - 40 foot approx
Old Glory Moscow militia - 16 foot
Old Glory Italian Light Infantry - 24 foot approx
Old Glory Austrian jaegers - 16 foot approx
Old Glory Russian Grenadiers - 40 foot with command approx
Old Glory Saxon infantry - 16 foot with command approx
Old Glory mixed - 8 riders, 4 foot, 4 limber horses, 3 wheels and 3 gun barrels


Old Glory

SS13 Illyrian Infantry - 24 foot approx
LA7 Late Achaemenid Slingers - 24 foot approx
LA6 Late Achaemenid Foot Archers - 24 foot approx
DA2 Dacian Warriors - 24 foot approx
IR11 Mid to Late 2nd Roman Eastern Aux Archers - 50 foot approx
IR7 Roman Eastern Aux Archers - 24 foot approx
LR10 Late Roman Regular Horse Archers - 8 mounted approx
IR10 - 8 mounted approx
IR12 Dacian Wars Roman Legionary - 40 foot approx
LR3 Late Roman Lanciarius - 40 foot approx
CR11 Pilgrims/Monks - 20 foot approx
CP2 Ancient Male Captives - 1 wagon, 6 foot and 4 mounted approx
DC3 Female Captives(?) and baggage - 1 wagon 12 foot approx
CR12 Peasants - 40 foot approx
OR12 Turcopole Light Cavalry - 20 mounted approx
OR8 Syrian Christian Archers - 20 foot approx
CR5 Dismounted Knights - 40 approx
CR2 Knights with upright lance - 20 approx
CR3 Knights with melee weapon - 20 approx
Mixed Knights - 13 mounted and 16 foot (most under coated)
GR3 German Cavalry - 20 mounted approx
GR3 German Cavalry - 12 mounted
GR3 German Cavalry - 20 mounted approx
SA1 Sarmatian Command - 12 mounted and 20 foot approx
SA2 Sarmatian Cavalry - 20 mounted approx
SA2 Sarmatian Cavalry - 20 mounted approx
SK1 Skythian Command - 20 mounted approx
SK2 Skythian Noble Cavalry - 20 mounted approx
SK4 Skythian Foot Archers and Javelinmen - 40 foot approx
SP7 Cretan Archers and Baleric Slingers - 40 foot approx
SP10 Spanish Light Cavalry - 8 mounted
GE6 Catapult - 1 model and 6 crew approx
GE6 Catapult - 1 model and 6 crew approx
ES9 Elephant - 4 models and crew approx

Other Manufacturer (and maybe some more Old Glory)

RO92 Cataphracts - 2 mounted
Parthians - 6 bow armed riders, 3 Cataphract riders, 3 Cataphract camels, 3 Cataphract horses
Gladiator Miniatures PE4 - 4 riders (Persian looking)
Dacian infantry - 17 foot
WG24 - 1 Flaming pig :-( 
Old Glory(?) - 7 horses
Old Glory - 4 horses
Spanish infantry - 3 foot and 1 mounted heavy cavalryman 
Possibly Spanish command - 10 foot
Persian immortals - 14 foot of which 4 are painted
Hillman Chalybes - 1 foot
Camel drawn supply wagon - 1 foot
Gladiators - 6 foot
AB SE05 - 2 foot
OR12 - 2 mounted
Old Glory Roman Cavalry (?) - 8 hexagonal and 11 oval shields riders and 13 horses
Roman command - 23 foot and 3 mounted
Dacian light horse - 10 mounted
DA03 (might not be the right code) - 5 horses (possibly ABs)
Roman command - 24 foot
Roman infantry (rectangular shields) - 20 foot
Roman command - 12 foot
Persian cavalry - 3 mounted
Command (Greek?) - 2 mounted and 1 foot
Various Romans - 16 foot
Persian infantry - 4 foot
Various - 3 foot and 1 horse
Persian cavalry - 5 mounted (painted)
Various - 6 foot
Persian cavalry - 2 mounted
Roman infantry (rectangular shields) - 49 foot
MPA114 Persians very large shields - 32 foot
MPA116 Persians with bow - 32 foot


British Officer - 1 foot (25mm scale)
British infantry firing - 18 foot under coated and mounted on one cent coins
British mixed infantry - 17 foot
Zulus - 6 foot
British infantry mostly dead - 26 foot


  1. I see the problem. You'd better buy more stuff....

    1. That's likely to happen. A lot of the odds and ends in the Ancient pile will make for DBA armies and just need one or two more figures...

  2. Start a project, get painting, I'm thinking something colonial :)

  3. Lots of potential for complete units therein. With an equal number of figures to fill the gaps, you could have "start" to a respectable Napoleonic force.

    1. My existing Napoleonic armies are French and Prussian. I also have a decent amount of British and allied troops. I have some Austrian and Russian troops but can do with more, a lot more :-)

  4. not to mention magister militum phalangites and xyston gauls!

  5. I started my Project Lead Mountain in 2012 with a view of clearing all of my Ancients within 2 years! Well 2016 is nearly over and I have completed Tuareg, Attalid Pergamenes, Welsh, Swiss, Early Armenian, Later Hungarian armies from scratch and painted up lots more bits to enable my armies to morph into lots of different options. I recently completed a Cilician Armenian army after a impulse purchase off EBAy at a price too cheap to miss. I dont have any more armies to complete from the mountain so I purchased some more castings to morph my Muslims Arabs into Delhi Sultanate. as I need at least one more choice for variety! I can field at least 5000 AP of Arab Muslims yes thats 5000 not 500! I still have lots of bits left over from bk 2 and some from bk 4!

    1. I've done well in using figures that I've bought painted (rebasing etc). It is just so easy to buy a whole lot of figures more than you can get painted.

      My Ancient Greek and Medieval armies are based on Tin Solidier figures and don't mix in that well with other figure ranges. I have Dark Ages army that is taking shape and uses a many different figure manufacturers. Some of the figures in this mountain might end up in that army.

  6. You know what they say though Mark ...the lead mountain disappears and so do we old wargamers!!

    1. ah but I have a Lead Lake of ships still to do and a Panzer Park and a Grand Army of Napoleonics!

    2. I thought there was a Chinese quote about what happens if you finish all your projects, but I can't find it.

      I don't have a lake of ships to do, but I'm tempted. And my panzer park (great term) is more like a scrap yard.

      But I have lofty peaks of 6mm, 15mm, 1/72nd and even 25mm Napoleonics.

  7. Nobody I know has yet managed to take their lead mountain with them to the great beyond. They tend to stay on earth to vex widows. My widow in training threatens to dispose of mine while I'm still around.
    My favourite from your list is: British infantry mostly dead - 26 foot

    1. Standing on the top of this lead mountain I can see many more stretching away into the great beyond. Stay tuned :-)